Has Babs gone barking mad?

Photo credit: Russell James for Variety

If ever there was a first world solution to a non-existent problem, it must surely be Barbra Streisand’s cloning of her pet dog. Not once, but twice.

No one is allowed to be unique anymore. Not even dogs. That’s why it feels creepy and disturbing. It also does not seem the healthiest way to deal with loss. Life is an impermanent thing, after all, and part of growing up is accepting that. Not to mention, the concept of creating clones seems disrespectful to each dog’s character and uniqueness.  In our house, nothing could replace our faithful old cavalier King Charles when he passed. We may get another dog at some point, but it will be exactly that: another dog.

Did Babs expect her two cloned dogs Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett to come with full memories of the existence of Miss Samantha (the original dog)? Did the facsimile versions act similarly to her? We can only wonder.

All she would have got, for extravagant expense, is similar looking dogs that cost far more than just buying another, but with likely health issues soon to come.

Why not just get the original dog stuffed, and then get another non-clone that looks identical and give it the same name?

Perhaps I am just chillingly pragmatic. But I think there are better ways of spending $100,000.